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New Release V2.0 is Available Now! Check Out the Release Notes on GitHub.

Pastebin Service

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PasteMe is an open-source pastebin service that works with the power of RESTful APIs. Install the pasteme-cli package and start pasting right from your terminals and CLI shells.

$ pip install -U pasteme-cli

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July 1, 2024

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Collove is a lovely community where people help each other to find solutions and innovate new techs with help of open source and collaborative tools. PasteMe is a simple result of this collaboration!


Join the Community & Develop PasteMe!

PasteMe is an open-source Django-based service that is being developed on GitHub. Join the community and feel free to contribute.

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Hashnode X PlanetScale!

PasteMe is developed for the great Hashnode's July Hackathon. By this partnership with PlanetScale, all your pastes and snippets are stored in the powerful PlanetScale databases!